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Linkin Park【 80 albums 977 lyrics 】
Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Formed in 1996, the band rose to international fame with their debut album Hybrid Theory (2000), which was certified diamond by the RIAA in 2005 and multi-platinum in several other countries. Their following studio album Meteora continued the band's success, topping the Billboard 200 album chart in 2003, and was followed by extensive touring and charity work around the world. In 2003, MTV2 named Linkin Park the sixth-greatest band of the music video era and the third-best of the new millennium. Billboard ranked Linkin Park No. 19 on the Best Artists of the Decade chart. In 2012, the band was voted as the greatest artist of the 2000s in a Bracket Madness poll on VH1. In 2014, the band was declared as the Biggest Rock Band in the World Right Now by Kerrang!.

Having adapted nu metal and rap metal to a radio-friendly yet densely layered style in Hybrid Theory and Meteora, the band explored other genres in their next studio album, Minutes to Midnight (2007). The album topped the Billboard charts and had the third-best debut week of any album that year. The band continued to explore a wider variation of musical types in their fourth album, A Thousand Suns (2010), layering their music with more electronic sounds and beats. Their fifth album, Living Things (2012), combines musical elements from all of their previous records. Their sixth album, The Hunting Party (2014), returned to a heavier rock sound. Their upcoming album One More Light is expected to be released May 19, 2017. The band has collaborated with several other artists, most notably with rapper Jay Z in their mashup EP Collision Course, and many others on the remix albums Reanimation and Recharged. Linkin Park has sold over 70 million albums worldwide and has won two Grammy Awards.


Rob Bourdon
Brad Delson
Mike Shinoda
Dave Farrell
Joe Hahn
Chester Bennington

Past members

Mark Wakefield
Kyle Christner
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Fighting Myself 2023-03
1.Fighting Myself
Lost 2023-02
One More Light 2017-05
1.Nobody Can Save Me
2.Good Goodbye
3.Talking to Myself
4.Battle Symphony
7.Sorry for Now
8.Halfway Right
9.One More Light
10.Sharp Edges
Heavy (feat. Kiiara) - Disero Remix 2017-04
1.Heavy (feat. Kiiara) - Disero Remix
Heavy (feat. Kiiara) - Nicky Romero Remix 2017-04
1.Heavy (feat. Kiiara) - Nicky Romero Remix
Good Goodbye 2017-04
1.Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T and Stormzy)
Battle Symphony 2017-03
1.Battle Symphony
Heavy 2017-02
Linkin Park The Hunting Party 2014-06
1.Keys To The Kingdom
2.All For Nothing(feat. Page Hamilton)
3.Guilty All The Same
4.The Summoning (Provided)
7.Until It's Gone
8.Rebellion(feat. Daron Malakian)
9.Mark The Graves
10.Drawbar(feat. Tom Morello) (Provided)
11.Final Masquerade
12.A Line In The Sand
Until It's Gone (Single) 2014
1.Until It's Gone (Single)
The Hunting Party 2014
1.One Step Closer
2.Final Masquerade
3.A Line in the Sand
4.Until It's Gone
5.In the End
6.What I've Done
7.Burn It Down
8.New Divide
9.Points of Authority
10.Lost in the Echo
11.Lies Greed Misery
12.Somewhere I Belong
13.A Place for My Head
14.Bleed It Out
15.Mark the Graves
17.Guilty All The Same (Live)
18.Wastelands (Live)
19.Until It's Done (Zakii Remix)
20.With You (live in LA 9.8.12)
21.Lost in the Echo (live in LA 9.8.12)
22.Numb (live in LA 9.8.12)
23.Burn It Down (live in LA 9.8.12)
24.Keys to the Kingdom
26.All for Nothing (Provided)
27.Guilty All the Same
28.The Summoning (Provided)
29.Rebellion (Provided)
30.Drawbar (Provided)
Linkin Park RECHARGED 2013-10
1.A Light That Never Comes(等待曙光)
2.Castle Of Glass(M. Shinoda Remix)(玻璃城堡)
3.Lost In The Echo(KillSonik Remix)(迷失回聲之中)
4.Victimized(M. Shinoda Remix)(犧牲)
5.I'll Be Gone(Vice Remix feat. Pusha T)(我將離去)
6.Lies Greed Misery(Dirtyphonics Remix)(謊言 貪婪 苦難)
7.Roads Untraveled(Rad Omen Remix feat. Bun B)
8.Powerless(Enferno Remix)(無能為力)
9.Burn It Down(Tom Swoon Remix)(燃燒殆盡)
10.Until It Breaks(Datsik Remix)(直到毀滅)
11.Skin To Bone(Nick Catchdubs Remix feat. Cody B. Ware And Ryu)(血肉變枯骨)
12.I'll Be Gone(Schoolboy Remix)(我將離去)
13.Until It Breaks(Money Mark Headphone Remix)(直到毀滅)
14.A Light That Never Comes(Rick Rubin Reboot)(等待曙光)
LP Underground 13.0 (EP) 2013
1.Change (By Beta State, LPU Sessions 2013)
2.Three Band Terror (Until It Breaks, No. 3)
3.Truth Inside a Lie (By Ryan Giles, LPU Sessions 2013) (Provided)
4.Universe (2006 Demo) (Provided)
5.Apaches (Until It Breaks Demo, No. 1)
6.Foot Patrol (Until It Breaks Demo, No. 2)
7.Cumulus (2007 Demo) (Provided)
8.Pretty Birdy (Somewhere I Belong 2002 Demo) (Provided)
9.Holding Company (Lost in the Echo 2011 Demo) (Provided)
10.Primo (I'll Be Gone, Longform 2010 Demo)
11.Hemispheres (2011 Demo) (Provided)
12.Basquiat (2007 Demo) (Provided)
生命‧進化‧原點(Living Things) 2012-06
1.Lost In The Echo(迷失回聲之中)
2.In My Remains(我的殘骸)
3.Burn It Down(燃燒殆盡)
4.Lies Greed Misery(謊言 貪婪 苦難)
5.I'll Be Gone(我將離去)
6.Castle Of Glass(玻璃城堡)
8.Roads Untraveled(未知的道路)
9.Skin To Bone(血肉變枯骨)
10.Until It Breaks(直到毀滅)
11.Tinfoil(錫箔) (Provided)
Stagelight Demos 2012
1.Bruiser (Provided)
2.Space Station (Provided)
3.LP Jam 01 (Provided)
4.LP Jam 02 (Provided)
5.Complimentary (Provided)
Living Things 2012
1.Tinfoil (Provided)
9.What I've Done (live)
10.Lies Greed Misery (live Rock Im Park 2012)
11.Burn It Down (live Rock Im Park 2012)
12.Roads Untravelled
13.In the End (live Itunes Festival 2011)
14.New Divide (live Itunes Festival 2011)
18.Lost In the Echo (Killsonik remix)
Underground Eleven (EP) 2011
1.Esaul (A Place For My Head Demo)
2.YO (Minutes To Midnight Demo) (Provided)
3.In The End (Demo)
4.Slip (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)
5.Soundtrack (Meteora Demo) (Provided)
6.Program (Meteora Demo) (Provided)
7.Bang Three (What I've Done Demo) (Provided)
8.Robot Boy (Test Mix, Optional Voice Take)
9.Broken Foot (Meteora Demo) (Provided)
10.Blue (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)
A Thousand Suns(烈日千陽) 2010-09
1.The Requiem(安魂曲 )
2.The Radiance(奇光異彩)
3.Burning In The Skies(在天空中燃燒)
4.Empty Spaces(空洞) (Provided)
5.When They Come For Me(衝著我來)
6.Robot Boy(機器人男孩)
7.Jornada Del Muerto(死亡旅程) (Provided)
8.Waiting For The End(等待終幕)
10.Wretches And Kings(惡棍與國王)
11.Wisdom, Justice, And Love(智慧、正義和愛)
13.Fallout(原子塵埃) (Provided)
14.The Catalyst(催化劑)
15.The Messenger(信差)
Not Alone 2010-02
1.Not Alone
A Thousand Suns 2010
1.The Messenger
2.A Thousand Suns: The Full Experience
3.Blackbirds (Non-Album Track From The 8-Bit Rebellion! App)
4.In The End
5.What I've Done
6.New Divide
8.Breaking The Habit
10.Shadow Of The Day
12.Bleed It Out
13.New Divide (live) [Japanese Bonus Track]
14.Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me
15.The Catalyst
16.Jornada Del Muerto
17.When They Come For Me
18.Wretches And Kings
20.Waiting For The End
21.Burning In The Skies
23.The Radiance
25.Wisdom Justice And Love
26.The Requiem
27.Robot Boy
28.Empty Spaces (Provided)
New Divide(新界點) 2009-06
1.New Divide(新界點)
Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes(革命之路 終結.進化) 2008-12
1.One Step Closer
2.From the Inside
3.No More Sorrow
4.Given Up
5.Lying from You
6.Hands Held High
7.Leave out All the Rest
9.The Little Things Give You Away
10.Breaking the Habit
11.Shadow of the Day
13.In the End
14.Pushing Me Away
15.What I've Done(過去的我)
17.Jigga What/Faint
18.Bleed It Out (There will be a slight edit to the sing-along portion only on the CD)
Songs From The Underground 2008-11
1.Announcement Service Public (Provided)
2.Qwerty (Studio Version)
3.And One
4.Sold My Soul To Yo Mama
5.Dedicated (Demo 1999)
6.Hunger Strike (Live From Projekt Revolution 2008)
7.My December (Live 2008)
8.Part Of Me
Linkin Park Live In TAIPEI 2008 2008-03
1.No More Sorrow
2.Lying From You
3.Somewhere I Belong
5.Given Up
6.From The Inside
7.Don't Stay
9.Points Of Authority
10.Shadow Of The Day
11.What I've Done
13.Pushing Me Away
14.Hands Held High
15.Breaking The Habit
16.In The End
18.One Step Closer
19.The Little Things Give You Away
20.cure for The Ich
21.Bleed It Out
Shadow of the Day(CD Single) 2008-02
1.Shadow of the Day
2.Bleed It Out (Live)
3.No More Sorrow (Third Encore Session)
Minutes To Midnight(末日警鐘-毀滅‧新生) 2007-11
1.Wake(Album Version)(甦醒時刻) (Provided)
2.Given Up(放棄了)
3.Leave Out All The Rest(Album Version)(其餘不重要)
4.Bleed It Out(Album Version)(榨乾)
5.Shadow Of The Day(Album Version)(白晝黑影)
6.What I've Done(Album Version)(過去的我)
7.Hands Held High(Album Version)(雙手高舉)
8.No More Sorrow(Album Version)(苦痛不再)
9.Valentine's Day(Album Version)(情人節)
10.In Between(Album Version)(進退兩難)
11.In Pieces(Album Version)(殘局)
12.The Little Things Give You Away(Album Version)(由小見大)
No Roads Left(無路可退) 2007-11
1.No Roads Left(無路可退)
Bleed It Out(CD Single) 2007-08
1.Bleed It Out2.Given Up (Third Encore Session)
What I've Done 2007-05
1.What I've Done(過去的我)
2.Faint(Live In Japan)
3.From The Inside(Live In Japan)
Minutes to Midnight 2007
2.Bleed It Out - Amended Version
3.Hands Held High - Amended Version
4.What I've Done - Live iTunes Exclusive
5.What I've Done (Live)
6.What I've Done
7.Valentine's Day
8.No Roads Left (Non-Album Track)
9.Given Up - Amended Version
10.The Little Things Give You Away
11.Given Up
12.Leave Out All The Rest
13.Bleed It Out
14.Shadow Of The Day
15.Hands Held High
16.No More Sorrow
17.In Between
18.In Pieces
19.No Roads Left
Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight 2007
2.Given Up
3.Leave Out All The Rest
4.Bleed It Out
5.Shadow Of The Day
6.Hands Held High
7.No More Sorrow
8.Valentine's Day
9.In Between
10.In Pieces
11.The Little Things Give You Away
12.What I've Done
Reanimation(顛覆自己) 2006-08
1.Opening (Provided)
2.Pts Of Athrty
3.Enth E Nd
6.P5hng Me Awy
7.Plc4 Mie Haed
8.X-ecutioner Style
9.H! Vltg3
10.Riff Raff
11.Wth You
15.My Dsmbr
17.By Myslf
18.Kyur4 Th Ich
19.1stp Klosr
Numb Encore 2004-12
Collision Course 2004-11
1.Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying From You
2.Big Pimpin' / Papercut
3.Jigga What / Faint
4.Numb / Encore
5.Izzo / In The End
6.Points Of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer
Breaking The Habit 2004-06
1.Breaking The Habit2.Crawling(Live)
From The Inside 2004-01
1.From The Inside
3.From The Inside(Live)
Live In Texas(我們的出口) 2003-11
1.Somewhere I Belong
2.Lying From You
4.Points Of Authority
5.Run Away
7.From The Inside
8.Pushing Me Away
11.In The End
12.One Step Closer
Numb 2003-09
2.Easier To Run(Live)
3.From The Inside(Live)
Faint 2003-06
1.Faint2.Lying From You(Live)
Meteora[天空之城美特拉] 2003-05
1.Foreword (Provided)
2.Don't Stay
3.Somewhere I Belong
4.Lying From You
5.Hit The Floor
6.Easier To Run
9.Breaking The Habit
10.From The Inside
11.Nobody's Listening
12.Session (Provided)
Linkin Park meteora 2003-03
1.Nobody's Listening
2.Don't Stay
3.Hit The Floor
4.Lying From You
5.Don't Stay
9.Somewhere I Belong
10.From The Inside
11.Hit The Floor
12.Easier To Run
13.Breaking The Habit
Somewhere I Belong 2003-03
1.Somewhere I Belong
2.Step Up(Live From Projekt Revolution)
3.My December(Live From Projekt Revolution)
Meteora 2003
1.One Step Closer (Humble Brothers remix)
2.My December (live Project Revolution)
3.With You (live Ozzfest 2001)
4.No track
5.Lying From You (live LP Underground Tour 2003)
6.From the Inside (live LP Underground Tour 2003)
7.Easier to Run (live LP Underground Tour 2003)
8.Don't Stay
9.Nobody's Listening
11.My December
12.High Voltage
13.Step Up (live Project Revolution) (Provided)
14.Papercut (Japan cut)
15.Somwhere I Belong
16.Foreword (Provided)
17.Somewhere I Belong
18.Lying From You
19.Hit The Floor
20.Easier To Run
23.Breaking The Habit
Pts.Of Athrty 2002-07
1.H! Vltg3
3.By Myself(Marilyn Manson Remix)
In The End-Japan 2002-05
1.In The End
2.Papercut(Live At Docklands Arena London)
3.Points of Authority(Live At Docklands Arena London)
4.Place for My Head(Live At Docklands Arena London)
5.Step Up
6.My December
7.High Voltage
Reanimation 2002
1.[Riff Raff]
3.P5hng Me A*wy
4.Kyur4 th Ich
6.Enth e Nd
7.Ppr:kut (Cheapshot & Jubacca feat. Rasco & Planet Asia)
8.Buy Myself - Manson Remix Non-Album Track
9.My December - Live Project Rev. 2002
10.One Step Closer - Live LP Underground Tour 2003
Frgt/10 (Alchemist feat. Chali 2na)
13.P5hng Me A*wy (Mike Shinoda feat. Stephen Richards)
14.Plc.4 Mie Hæd (Amp Live feat. Zion)
15.1Stp Klosr (The Humble Brothers feat. Jonathan Davis)
16.X-Ecutioner Style (feat. Black Thought)
17.By_Myslf (Josh Abraham & Mike Shinoda) (Provided)
18.Kyur4 th Ich (Chairman Hahn) (Provided)
19.Pts.of.Athrty (Jay Gordon)
22.PPr (Kut)
23.Pts. of. Athrty
24.Krwlng (Mike Shinoda feat. Aaron Lewis)
Rnw@y (Backyard Bangers feat. Phoenix Orion)
27.H! Vltg3 (Evidence feat. Pharoahe Monch & DJ Babu)
28.1stp Klosr
29.H! Vltg3
30.Opening (Provided)
34.Plc.4 Mie Haed
36.Buy Myself (Manson remix)
37.Enth E nd (Kutmasta Kurt feat. Motion Man)
38.[Stef] (5.1 mix)
39.[Riff Raff] (5.1 mix)
40.[Chali] (5.1 mix)
In The End 2001-11
1.In The End
2.A Place For My Head(Live At Docklands Arena London)
3.Step Up
Papercut 2001-06
2.Points of Authority(Live)
Crawling 2001-05
1.Crawling2.Papercut(Live From The Bbc)
One Step Closer(CD Single) 2001-01
1.My December step closer
3.high voltage
Hybrid Theory(混合理論) 2001-01
1.Papercut 紙會割人
2.One Step Closer 發狂邊緣
3.With You 如影隨形
4.Points Of Authority 光榮時刻
5.Crawling 伺機而動
6.Runaway 逃之夭夭
7.By Myself 自我傷害
8.In The End 結果到頭來
9.A Place For My Head 腦袋空間
10.Forgotten 遺忘
11.Cure For The Itch 渴望痊癒
12.Pushing Me Away 驅逐出境
Hybrid Theory 2000
1.A Place for My Head (live)
2.The Untitled
3.Paper Cut
4.Papercut - Recorded Live At BBC1
7.One Step Closer
8.With You
9.Points Of Authority
12.By Myself
13.In The End
14.A place For My Head
16.Cure For The Itch
17.Pushing Me Away
18.My December
19.High Voltage
Hybrid Theory Ep 1999-01
2.Technique (Provided)
3.Step Up
4.And One
5.High Voltage
6.Part Of Me
iTunes Festival: London 2011
1.Rolling in the Deep
2.Bleed It Out
5.The Catalyst - Live
6.Waiting For The End - Live
7.Iridescent - Live
8.The Catalyst
9.Waiting for the End
10.Rolling In The Deep - Live
2.Lies Greed Misery
3.Lost In the Echo
4.Points of Authority
5.Burn It Down
6.Walking Dead
7.She Couldn't
8.One Perfect Something
9.Over The Top
Underground XIV
1.Blanka (2008 Demo)
2.Heartburn (2007 Demo)
3.Breaking The Habit (Original Mike 2002 Demo)
4.Dave Sbeat feat. Joe (2009)
Underground 12
1.Asbestos (Minutes to Midnight demo)
2.So Far Away (unreleased 1998)
3.Debris (Minutes to Midnight demo)
The Hunting Party: Live from Mexico
1.Lies Greed Misery (live)
2.Lost in the Echo (live)
3.Burn It Down (live)
4.Bleed It Out (live with excerpts from Beastie Boys 'Sabotage')
5.Somewhere I Belong (live)
6.What I've Done (live)
7.New Divide (live)
8.A Place for My Head (live)
The Hunting Party: Acapellas + Instrumentals
1.Keys To the Kingdom (Acapella)
2.Final Masquerade (Instrumental)
3.Until It's Gone (Instrumental)
4.A Line In the Sand (Acapella)
5.Mark the Graves (Acapella)
6.Rebellion (Acapella)
7.Wastelands (Acapella)
8.War (Acapella)
9.Until It's Gone - Acapella
Shadow of the Day
1.Shadow of the Day (Making of the Video)
2.Bleed It Out (Live from Projekt Revolution 2007)
3.No More Sorrow (Third Encore Session)
4.Shadow of the Day
5.Shadow Of The Day - edit
Road to Revolution
1.Hands Held High (Live)
2.Numb (Live)
3.The Little Things Give You Away (Live)
4.Shadow of the Day (Live)
5.What I've Done (Live)
6.Crawling (Live)
Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes (
1.One Step Closer - Live At Milton Keynes
2.What I've Done - Live At Milton Keynes
3.Pushing Me Away - Live At Milton Keynes
4.In The End - Live At Milton Keynes
5.Crawling - Live At Milton Keynes
6.Shadow Of The Day - Live At Milton Keynes
7.Breaking The Habit - Live At Milton Keynes
8.The Little Things Give You Away - Live At Milton Keynes
9.Numb - Live At Milton Keynes
10.Leave Out All The Rest - Live At Milton Keynes
11.Hands Held High - Live At Milton Keynes Amended
12.Lying From You - Live At Milton Keynes
13.Given Up - Live At Milton Keynes Amended
14.No More Sorrow - Live At Milton Keynes
15.From The Inside - Live At Milton Keynes
16.Bleed It Out - Live At Milton Keynes
Road To Revolution Live At Milton Keynes
2.Jigga What Faint
4.In The End
5.One Step Closer
6.Pushing Me Away
7.Breaking The Habit
8.From The Inside
10.Lying From You
11.What I've Done
12.Given Up
13.Leave Out All The Rest
14.Bleed It Out
15.Shadow Of The Day
16.Hands Held High
17.No More Sorrow
18.The Little Things Give You Away
One More Light Live
1.Talking to Myself (One More Light Live)
2.Numb (One More Light Live)
3.Sharp Edges (One More Light Live)
4.In the End (One More Light Live)
5.What I've Done (One More Light Live)
6.Leave Out All the Rest (One More Light Live)
7.Nobody Can Save Me
8.Crawling (One More Light Live)
9.One More Light (One More Light Live)
10.Good Goodbye(Feat. Stormzy) (Provided)
11.Nobody Can Save Me (One More Light Live)
12.Invisible (One More Light Live)
13.New Divide (One More Light Live)
14.Battle Symphony (One More Light Live)
15.Burn It Down (One More Light Live)
16.Bleed It Out (One More Light Live)
Meteora Live Around The World
1.Don't Stay - Live from Shanghai, 2007
2.Somewhere I Belong - Live from Koln, 2008
3.Lying From You - Live from New York, 2008
4.Faint - Live from Hamburg, 2011
5.Breaking The Habit - Live from Hamburg, 2011
6.From The Inside - Live from Sydney, 2010
7.Numb - Live New York, 2008
Live In Texas
1.Somewhere I Belong - Live in Texas
2.From the Inside
6.Somewhere I Belong
8.Lying from You
10.P5hng Me A*wy
11.One Step Closer
12.A Place for My Head
13.By Myself
15.Points of Authority
16.Papercut - Live In Texas
17.Runaway - Live In Texas
18.Faint - Live In Texas
19.Numb - Live In Texas
20.Crawling - Live In Texas
21.In The End - Live In Texas
22.One Step Closer - Live In Texas
23.Don't Stay
24.In the End
25.Lying From You - Live In Texas
26.Points Of Authority - Live In Texas
27.With You
Live From SoHo
1.Given Up - Live From SoHo
2.My December
3.Given Up
4.In Pieces
5.Shadow of the Day
6.Bleed It Out - Live From SoHo
7.My December - Live From SoHo
8.Shadow Of The Day - Live From SoHo
9.Bleed It Out
Linkin Park Underground 9: Demos
1.Faint (demo 2002)
2.Sad ('By Myself' demo 1999)
3.Fear ('Leave Out All the Rest' demo 2006)
4.Figure.09 (demo 2002)
5.Stick and Move ('Runaway' demo 1998)
6.Across the Line (Unreleased demo 2007)
7.Drawing ('Breaking the Habit' demo 2002)
8.Drum Song ('Little Things Give You Away' demo 2006)
LIVING THINGS (Acapellas and Instrumentals)
1.LOST IN the ECHO (Acapella)
2.BURN IT DOWN (Acapella)
3.CASTLE of GLASS (Acapella)
4.POWERLESS (Acapella)
5.I'LL BE GONE (Acapella)
6.VICTIMIZED (Acapella)
In New York (Live)
1.Give Up (Live)
2.Don't Stay (Live)
3.Somewhere I Belong (Live)
4.Numb (Live)
5.What I've Done (Live)
6.Crawling (Live)
Greatest Hits
1.Step Up
3.A Place for My Head
4.Lying From You
5.Given Up
6.One Step Closer
8.Somewhere I Belong
10.In Between
11.In Pieces
12.Easier to Run
13.Shadow of the Day
14.Bleed It Out
16.Pushing Me Away
17.The Little Things Give You Away
18.And One
19.No Roads Left
20.With You
21.High Voltage
22.Cure for the Itch
23.Pts.Of Athrty
24.Hit the Floor
25.Hands Held High
26.My December
28.By Myself
29.Nobody's Listening
30.Don't Stay
32.What I've Done
33.In the End
34.Castle of Glass
35.Somewhere I Belong (single edit)
36.We Made It
37.Waiting for the End (Non-rap version)
38.Burning in the Skies (radio edit)
39.Shadow of the Day (single edit)
40.Given Up (radio edit)
41.Breaking the Habit (single edit)
42.One Step Closer (Humble Brothers remix) (FM radio)
43.I Just Want Your Company
44.What I've Done
45.Burn It Down
46.The Catalyst
48.No More Sorrow
49.Lost in the Echo
50.Valentine's Day
51.From the Inside
53.Breaking the Habit
54.Points of Authority
55.Leave Out All the Rest
57.New Divide
58.Waiting for the End
59.Place for My Head
Burning In The Skies (Single)
1.Burning In The Skies (Single)
2.Blackout (Live)
3.When They Come For Me (Live)
4.In The End
1.New Divide - Live from iTunes Festival
2.In The End - Live from iTunes Festival
3.What I've Done - Live from iTunes Festival
4.Burn It Down
5.What I've Done (Live)
6.New Divide (Live)
A Thousand Suns: Puerta de Alcalá (Live)
1.What I've Done (Live In Madrid)
2.New Divide (Live In Madrid)
3.Waiting for the End (Live In Madrid)
4.Breaking the Habit (Live In Madrid)
5.The Catalyst (Live In Madrid)
2011-02-25: A Thousand Suns Tour: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
3.When They Come for Me
6.Lying From You
7.Given Up
8.Bleed It Out
10.Shadow of the Day
11.No More Sorrow
15.In the End
16.What I've Done
17.Waiting for the End
18.From the Inside
20.New Divide
21.One Step Closer
Miscellaneous 2
1.Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong
2.Forgotten 10
3.My December (Live)
4.Somewhere I Belong (Radio Version)
5.In The End [Live]
7.X-Ecutioner Style-Feat Black T
8.It's Going Down [X-ecutioners]
9.Points of Authority 2
10.Crawling [Live]
11.Faint [Live]
12.From The Inside [Live]
13.Runaway [Live]
14.P5hing Me A*Wy [Live]
15.Esaul (A Place for My Head 2)
16.X-Ecutioner Style (ft. Black Thought)
17.Linkin Park - Numb
18.Somewhere I Belong [Live]
19.Lying From You [Live]
20.Waiting for the End (Live from Berlin, 2010)
21.Place For My Head
22.Krwlng (Mike Shinoda ft. Aaron Lewis)
23.Enth E Nd (Kutmasta Kurt ft. Motion Man)
Frgt/10 (Alchemist ft. Chali 2na)
26.Ppr:Kut (Cheapshot & Jubacca ft. Rasco & Planet Asia)
27.Wth>You (Chairman Hahn ft. Aceyalone)
28.H! Vltg3 (Evidence ft. Pharoahe Monch & Dj Babu)
29.Rnw@Y (Backyard Bangers ft. Phoenix Orion)
30.Plc.4 Mie Haed - Amp Live/Zion Of Zion I
31.Pts. Of Athrty - Jay Gordon
33.Points OF Authority-99 Problems
34.Enth E Nd [Kutmasta Kurt / Motion Man]
35.Krwlng [Mike Shinoda / Aaron Lewis]
36.Blackout (Live from Hamburg, 2011)
39.Wretches & Kings
40.Believe Me
41.Points Of Autority
42.Standing In the Middle
43.In The End 1
44.Cure For The Itch Remix
45.Rolling In The Deep [Live]
46.Wretches and Kings (Live from Las Vegas, 2011)
47.Iridescent (Live from Paris, 2010)
48.The Catalyst (Live from Paris, 2010)
49.The Requiem (Live from London, 2010)
52.Numb / Encore (A Cappella)
53.Numb / Encore (Bonus Beat)
54.In The End vs. Izzo
55.Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You (Explicit Version)
56.Dirt Off Your Shoulders
57.Big Pimping / Papercut (Live)
58.Encore vs. Numb
59.Points Of Authority/99 Problems
60.Points Of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer (Live)
61.Numb/Encore (Explicit Version)
62.Big Pimping / Papercut
63.Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit
64.Breakin' The Habit
65.Enth E nd (Re-animation Remix of 'In The End')
66.Castle of Glass (M. Shinoda Remix)
67.Rnw@y'(feat. Backyard Bangers, Phoenix Orion
68.Powerless (Enferno Remix)
69.Burn It Down (Tom Swoon Remix)
70.Until It Breaks (Datsik Remix)
71.Skin to Bone (Nick Catchdubs Remix) [feat. Cody B. Ware & Ryu]
72.I'll Be Gone (Schoolboy Remix)
73.I'll Be Gone (Vice Remix) [feat. Pusha T]
74.Until It Breaks (Money Mark Headphone Remix)
75.Lies Greed Misery (Dirtyphonics Remix)
76.Roads Untraveled (Rad Omen Remix) [feat. Bun B]
77.A Light That Never Comes (Rick Rubin Reboot)
78.Hands Held High - Live At Milton Keynes
79.Faint - Live Circuit City Bonus Track
80.What I've Done - Live Circuit City Bonus Track
81.Chance Of Rain
82.No More Sorrow - Live Best Buy Bonus Track
83.Too Late
84.Lost in the Echo (instrumental version)
85.Pushing Me Away (piano version)
86.No Roads Left (Bonus Track)
87.Buy Myself
88.The Catalyst (radio edit)
89.Lost in the Echo (B Roger remix)
90.Lying From You / Papercut
91.Leave Out All the Rest / Shadow of the Day / Iridescent
92.In the End (Ka1ne remix)
Miscellaneous 1
1.across the line
2.One Step Closer To The Edge
3.Lost in the Echo (Killsonik Remix)
4.A Light That Never Comes
5.Victimized (M. Shinoda Remix)
6.Burn It Down (Single)
7.My{Dsmbr [Kelli Ali]
8.In My Remains
9.Lies Greed Misery
10.I'll Be Gone
11.Castle Of Glass
13.Roads Untraveled
14.Skin To Bone
15.Until It Breaks
16.Lost In The Echo
18.Iridescent (Single)
19.02 Pts.of.athrty Jay Gordon
20.Rnw@y [Backyard Bangers / Phoenix Orion]
21.Plc.4 Mie Haed [Amp Live / Zion Of Zion I]
22.Frgt/10 [Alchemist / Chali 2na]
23.X-ecutioner Style - X-Ecutioners/Black Thought
24.Dirt Off Your Shoulder Lying From You
25.pts of athrty V2
27.lyin' from you
28.Remix of pts. of aut.
30.Go Tell It On The Mountain
32.My{Dsmbr'(feat. Mickey P., Kelli Ali
34.The Catalyst (Single)
35.PPr:Kut'(feat. Cheapshot, Jubacca, Rasco, Planet Asia
36.Wth>You'(feat. Chairman Hahn, Aceyalone
37.X-Ecutioner Style'(feat. Black Thought
39.Plc.4 Mie Haed'(feat. Amp Live, Zion of Zion I
40.I'm about to break
43.P5hng Me A*wy'(feat. Mike Shinoda, Stephen Richards
44.Kyur4 the ich
45.Crawling In My Skin
46.I Wanna Be Sedated
47.Pushes Me Away
48.Maria Belka
49.High Voltage (EP)
50.Technique (Short) (Provided)
51.High Voltage (Remix)
52.It's Going Down
53.Morning After
54.Vertical Limit
55.Pretend To Be
56.I Have Not Begun
57.H! Vltg3 (Reanimation Remix)
58.The Morning After
61.Forgotten (Demo)
62.Frgt/10 Reanimation Remix of Forgotten
63.Linkin Park
66.lying from u
68.The Down Syndrome
69.With U
70.All That Jazz
1.Jornada Del Muerto (Live from Hamburg, 2011)
2.When They Come for Me (Live from Paris, 2010)
3.Burning in the Skies (Live from Hamburg, 2011)
4.The Messenger (Live from Las Vegas, 2011)
5.Wake (Live from Taipei, 2007)
6.In Pieces (Live from Koln, 2008)
7.In Between (Live from Paris, 2008)
8.Valentine's Day (Live from Amnéville, 2008)
9.No More Sorrow (Live from Taipei, 2009)
10.Hands Held High (Live from Osaka, 2007)
11.What I've Done (Live from New York, 2008)
12.Shadow of the Day (Live from Melbourne, 2010)
13.Bleed It Out (Live from Melbourne, 2010)
14.Leave Out All the Rest (Live from Frankfurt, 2008)
15.Given Up (Live from Taipei, 2009)
16.The Little Things Give You Away (Live from Shanghai, 2007)
17.Papercut (Live from Paris, 2010)
18.One Step Closer (Live from Frankfurt, 2008)
19.Points of Authority (Live from Sydney, 2007)
20.Crawling (Live from Athens, 2009)
21.In the End (Live from Melbourne, 2010)
22.A Place for My Head (Live from Koln, 2008)
23.Cure for the Itch (Live from Perth, 2007)
24.Pushing Me Away (Live from Dallas, 2007)
25.'Crawling' (Live at Projekt Revolution 2008 - includes verses from 'Hands Held High' featuring Chris Cornell)
26.Hunger Strike (live From Projekt Revolution 2008, Chris Cornell feat. Chester Bennington)
27.Waiting for the End (album version)
28.Somewere I Belong
30.PTS. of Arthrty
31.Crawling (Extreme version)
32.Somewhere I Belong (live at Milton Keynes)
33.Enth E Nd (In the End remix)
34.What I've Done (Sunray vs. DJ Maax remix)
35.When They Come For Me (live from Tel Aviv, 11-15-10)
36.Point of Authority
37.What We Don't Know (2007 demo)
38.What I've Done (Mike Shinoda remix)
39.Enth E Nd (album version)
40.Frgt/10 (album version)
41.Lying from You (album version)
42.Mall Theme
44.Chapter 1
45.Scars Of Life
46.High Voltage (Bonus Track) [Live]
47.Points of Authority (Crystal Method Remix) [Bonus Track]
48.My December (Bonus Track)
49.In Pieces (Live from Projekt Revolution, Washington DC, Aug. 19 '07)
50.Leave Out All the Rest (Twilight Soundtrack Version)
51.My December (live, 2002: The Project Revolution Tour)
52.Wake (Live)
53.New Divide (Dubstep Remix)
54.Papercut (remix)
56.Wake Me
57.Points of Authority (Crystal Method remix)
58.Reading My Eyes (live)
60.Drum Song
61.Nobody's Listening (Green Lantern remix)
62.Breaking the Habit (live)
63.Leave Out All the Rest (Single Version)
64.You Ain't Gotsta Gotsta
65.One More Light (Steve Aoki Chester Forever Remix)
66.Rolling in the Deep (Live from iTunes Festival: London 2011)
67.Now I See
68.Numb / Encore (Instrumental)
69.Darker Than The Light That Never Bleeds - Chester Forever Steve Aoki Remix
70.A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES (Vicetone Remix Dub)

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